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Is Naturalistic Biogenesis Scientific?  


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42 minute college lecture by A.E. Wilder-Smith.

The late A..E. Wilder-Smith studied natural sciences at Oxford, England. He received his first doctorate in Physical Organic Chemistry at Reading University, England, 1941.  Subsequently, Dr. Wilder-Smith was appointed Director of Research for a Swiss pharmaceutical company.  Later he was elected to teach Chemotherapy and Pharmacology at the Medical School of the University of Geneva for which position he received his "habitation" (the senior examination required for professorial appointments to European continental universities). At Geneva, he earned his second doctorate, followed by a third doctorate from the ETH (a senior university in Switzerland) in Zurich.

In 1957-1958 Wilder-Smith was Visiting Assistant Professor at the Medical Centre of the University of Illinois, 1959-1961 Visting Full Professor of Pharmacology of the University of Bergen Medical School in Norway. After a further two years at the University of Geneva, he was appointed Full Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Illinois Medical Centre. Here he received in three succeeding years - three ``Golden Apple Awards" for the best course of lectures, together with four senior lecturer awards for the best series of year lectures. Dr. Wilder-Smith's last Golden Apple award was inscribed, ``He made us not only better scientists, but also better men."

"The Bible teaches us that we are the living
lessons that God uses to demonstrate His
divine wisdom to the angelic beings as He
works in us. How God deals with us in this
world demonstrates His character to the
angels! "
--Dr. Wilder Smith

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