Apologetics Symposium

Multimedia Presentations
1st, 2nd & 5th Wednesdays
Cedar Park Church
Bothell, WA

Creation History with Chris Ashcraft

Apologetics Course

Biblical Apologetics

Intelligent Design (ID)
 & the Wonders of Creation

Worldviews in Conflict

Biblical Creationism & Defending Genesis


Wonders of the Cell - ID

Fossils & the Biblical Floood

Origin of Life

Ape Man

The Human Body Wonderfully Made - ID

Geology Worldview
 and the Flood

Age of the Creation


Amazing Animals - ID


Solar System

Big Bang

The Universe - Let the Heavens Declare


NT Archaeology

OT Archaeology - Part 1

OT Archaeology - Part 2 Egyptian Synchrony


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Creation Science Education


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NWCN Educational Programs

Apologetics SymposiumThe NWCN organizes numerous educational programs each year. In addition we offer seminars and classes at Christian schools, Churches, Christian teacher's conventions, and regional creationist groups.

The purpose of these programs is to strengthen faith against the false teachings of naturalistic science, and encourage the Church to trust in the Bible as authoritative on early Earth history. They feature speakers, authors, and educators with diverse backgrounds in Biology, Geology, Astronomy, Archaeology, and Christian Apologetics who are dedicated to defending the Bible. .During these events the NWCN offers a wide assortment of books and videos on various creation apologetics subjects.

Online Resources

Downloadable File Archives - We have compiled a large number of PowerPoint files, videos, and audios that may be downloaded and used to teach Biblical creation philosophy.

Collaborative Encyclopedia - Our CreationWiki: Encyclopedia of Creation Science is an excellent source of comprehensize information on apologetics.


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  • Home-school study is without a doubt the principal method used by the majority of Christians for education in Biblical creation philosophy.
  • Events such as Church-held seminars and professional conferences are a popular method used to introduce creation science philosophy and learn of the latest findinds.
  • Christian schools and universities offer courses in sciences from the creation perspective. Some even offer degree programs in creation science.
  • Speakers creationist educators and scientists that can be called upon to give educational seminars or classes.
  • Groups - at the core of creation education are the ministries and organizations that serve the public through the production of events and resources.