Red Nebula

Seattle Creation Conference 2016 Schedule

Friday, October 14, 2016

6:30pm Doors Open
7:00 Scientific Evidence for Creation: Design in Nature (Frank Sherwin)
8:15 Current Events in Astronomy (Don DeYoung)
9:30 Stargazing with Mark Osterhaus (weather permitting)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

8:30am Doors Open
9:00 Mathematics and Creation (Don DeYoung)
10:15 Geology and the Clash Of Worldviews (Chris Ashcraft)
11:30 Human Evolution (Frank Sherwin)
12:30 LUNCH / Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Dinosaurs! (Dennis Swift)
1:20 The Laws of Nature (Don DeYoung)
2:35 The ICA Stones: Hoax or History (Dennis Swift)
3:50 God’s Amazing Insects (Frank Sherwin)
5:00 CLOSE

During breaks, guests are encouraged to browse the creation resources offered for sale at the conference. A large assortment of books, DVDs, and curriculum will be made available for continuing education in Biblical apologetics.

Childcare is not provided.