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Creation Discussion


Discussion forums moderated by the
 Northwest Creation Network

Creation-only Discussion

CreationTalk is an email discussion group for Biblical creationists. Agreement with the statement of belief in creation is required for participation.

Creation vs. Evolution Debate

OriginsTalk is open to everyone and is used for debating creation, evolution, and intelligent design topics. This group is moderated for civility.

CreationTalk Archive (~12,000 posts)
OriginsTalk Archive (~33,000 posts)


The creation science community exists as a loosely connected network of groups and individual ministries. Interacting with fellow creationists is critical if the person and the community is to grow. Seek out and join any local organization that exists in your region, and network yourself using email discussion groups. Many of the public forums that debate creation vs. evolution are insufficiently moderated and the discussion can quickly turn personal; so beware. Nevertheless, participation in these lists can be a tremendous learning experience, and the group serves as a collective intelligence for answering questions or reviewing material.

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