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The Floods Came Up

 and the Rains Came Down

Seminar by Dr. Larry Vardiman
Cedar Park Church
16300 112th Ave NE
Bothell, WA 98011
February 3rd at 6:30pm


In the ‘60s a major discovery was made from soundings of seafloor depth using doppler radar from ships plying the oceans of the world. A 40-thousand milelong mountain chain was found on the bottom of the ocean extending around the globe like a seam on a baseball. It was apparently formed from hot magma being extruded from the earth’s crust into the ocean, cooling, and hardening into solid rock.

Based on this evidence the Plate Tectonics Theory was developed. It is now routinely taught in almost all graduate programs in geology. The theory argues that the crust of the earth is composed of numerous plates separated by cracks through which the magna flowed onto the ocean floor. These plates are measuredto be moving slowly across the planet at about the rate of centimeters per year—the approximate rate at which fingernails grow. Along and either side of the cracks between the plates most of our active geology is currently occurring, for example, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and mountain building.

Conventional geologic earth history is built around the conventional plate tectonic theory including the millions of years necessary for evolution to occur. However, in 1994 a new model of earth history called Catastrophic Plate Tectonics was introduced to the young earth creationist community by Steve Austin, John Baumgardner, Andrew Snelling, Larry Vardiman, and Kurt Wise. It has the advantage of explaining the current and historical observations of earth motions and topography in a young-earth time frame and is consistent with the biblical account of the Genesis Flood. In addition, the heat released by the magma into the oceans provides an excellent explanation for the cause of the ice age.

About the Speaker:

Larry VardimanDr. Vardiman retired from the Institute for Creation Research in 2012 after 30 years of research, writing, teaching, and speaking on creation. Prior to his full-time ministry in creation science he conducted 15 years of field research in cloud physics and weather modification for the U.S. Department of Interior, the U.S. Air Force, and Colorado State University. He obtained his B.S. in Physics from the University of Missouri at Rolla, a B.S. in Meteorology from St. Louis University, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from Colorado State University. He has written over 30 technical articles, 10 books, and many conference papers. He was Director and Editor of the RATE Project, a study on Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth. For the past 10 years he has been conducting numerical simulations of climate and weather during the ice age. He used conventional research models and data supplied by NASA and NOAA to study storms enhanced by warm oceans heated through catastrophic events of the Genesis Flood. He continues to conduct limited research, writing, and speaking in the Northwest. Dr. Vardiman lives on Camano Island, Washington, is married to Jeannette, a registered nurse, has 4 children, and 6 grandchildren.

Apologetics Symposium

The Apologetics Symposium takes place the 1st Wednesday each month at Cedar Park Church in Bothell WA. The programs feature presentations from educators and scientists who are dedicated to defending the Bible. They are free to attend, and also available for viewing through live webcast or the recordings archived on our website.

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