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How Many Years in a Day?

Vince LaPoint
Apologetics Symposium
Cedar Park Church Bothell, WA
October 2nd, 2019


Because the Hebrew word for ‘day’ - like it’s English equivalent - can have different meanings depending on context, we have heard many different interpretations of what 'day’ means in Genesis 1. But does the text allow for all these interpretations? We will do some basic textual criticism and more. How does God interpret Genesis 1? What about the Jews? What about Jesus? Does Carbon-14 and radiometric dating affirm the correct Biblical interpretation? Come gain a firm understanding on how to interpret this passage and why it matters to today’s Christian.


About the Speaker:Vince LaPoint

Vince LaPoint has spent many years in the computer industry, successfully leading teams in several large high-tech corporations. As a critical thinker and not from a religious family, he unexpectedly put his faith in Christ many years ago after determining the Christian faith is true. Still, for his own peace of mind, he continues to validate and verify the accuracy of the Scriptures, chasing down the answers of some of the most asked questions. Today, Vince is a sought-after speaker on apologetics and serves as the local State Vice President in The Gideons International. He is presently co-leading a discipleship class at his church in Bellevue. He is in the process of republishing his website:

Apologetics Symposium

The Apologetics Symposium is an educational program addressing the conflicts that exist between naturalism and the Biblical worldview. As part of a weekly Wednesday evening series, this program features a different speaker each month. Join us at Cedar Park Church or through our live webcast.

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