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The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics:

Making Everything Else Moot

by Mark Champneys
December 1st, 2021


Evolutionists can run, but they cannot hide from the law. So why does everyone seem to avoid the subject of the second law of thermodynamics, both evolutionists, AND creationists? This lecture will take the mystery out of this foundational law of science, and explain its proper application to virtually everything... especially evolution. In science, laws make theories moot. So let's face up to the law, and use our most powerful weapon!

About the Speaker:

Mark ChampneysMark Champneys was born a fifth-generation Mormon, but became an evangelical Christian in 1973 after studying Romans. His journey as a truth-seeker led him into counter-cult ministry, teaching, and evangelism. His ministries include evangelism training to reach Mormons, children, and atheists. Mr. Champneys has authored six tracts, is a videographer, and regular conference lecturer. He wrote and produced the video documentary Evolution Demolition, as well as numerous other short videos on creation. Most recently, after much study, Mark produced a documentary on the second law of thermodynamics, entitled When Scientists Ignore Science.

Apologetics Symposium

The Apologetics Symposium is an educational program addressing the conflicts that exist between naturalism and the Biblical worldview. As part of a weekly Wednesday evening series, this program features a different speaker each month. Join us at Cedar Park Church or through our live webcast.

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