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Truth, Lies and Science Education

January 15th, 2015
Paul Taylor
Apologetics Symposium
Cedar Park Church


The inbuilt bias of National Curriculum Science and US education system is examined. The teaching of Science under the National Curriculum (in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) is far from neutral. Rather, it is influenced by an inbuilt bias in favor of evolution and against Christianity. In areas pertaining to evolution, the curriculum acts against its own precepts of investigation and enquiry. This talk analyses the history of the National Curriculum, its implementation and the misapprehensions and miscomprehensions of educators.

About the Speaker:

Paul TaylorPaul Taylor is the new Director the 7 Wonders Museum of Mount St. Helens. He taught science in state schools for 17 years, eventually becoming a Head of Department, and gained a Master's degree in Science Education at Cardiff University.

As a schoolteacher, Taylor frequently challenged pupils to think through the issue of origins for themselves, rather than accept evolutionary orthodoxy. These teaching methods, particularly as Taylor began developing curricula, frequently brought him into conflict with more evolutionary-minded staff.

Taylor joined the staff of AiG (UK/Europe) in August 2005 as a writer and speaker and eventually became the UK's Senior Speaker and Head of Media for AiG-UK. Taylor contributed regularly to the AiG website and Answers Magazine and continues writing numerous articles, many of which are published in various Christian magazines.

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Apologetics Symposium

The Apologetics Symposium takes place the 3rd Thursday each month at Cedar Park Church in Bothell WA. The programs feature presentations from educators and scientists who are dedicated to defending the Bible. They are free to attend, and also available for viewing through live webcast or the recordings archived on our website.

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