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Wherefore Art the Begats?


Dan Kreft
Apologetics Symposium

Cedar Park Church
June 30th, 2021


Does studying long lists of funny-sounding names so enrapture you that you find yourself studying them deep into the night, or do you keep them on hand as a homeopathic cure for insomnia? In this humor-filled presentation, I do the unthinkable–I make "the begats" fun. Learn what the purpose is for each of the five major genealogies in the Bible, and find out if we really can use them to estimate the age of the earth; the answer may surprise you. Dan Kreft

About the Speaker:

Dan Kreft, the Seven-Foot Apologist, has been teaching theology and apologetics at Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, Washington since 2003, where he teaches students ranging from 6th grade to their 6th decade of life. His passion for equipping parents to teach their children how to defend their faith is captured in his three-volume book, “Jesus” Is Not the Answer to Every Sunday School Question. You can find Dan on Facebook, Facebook, LinkedIn, and at his website:

Apologetics Symposium

The Apologetics Symposium is an educational program addressing the conflicts that exist between naturalism and the Biblical worldview. As part of a weekly Wednesday evening series, this program features a different speaker each month. Join us at Cedar Park Church or through our live webcast.

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