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Thermodynamic Arguments for Creation

by Thomas Kindell
Seattle Creation Conference, July 2004


Dr Kindell describes why the second law of thermodynamics stands as an insurmountable barrier to a naturalistic origin of life. It also examines common evolutionists rebuttal arguments and demonstrates their utter bankruptcy.

This video file is a 62 minute seminar by Thomas Kindell, which was recorded during the Seattle Creation Conference July 2004 at Mill Creek Foursquare Church.

Thomas KindellAbout the Speaker:

Thomas Kindell is the founder and president of Reasons for Faith Ministries, dedicated to equipping Christian believers with evidence for their Biblical faith. For over 25 years he has lectured on the subjects of scientific creation and Biblical apologetics. He holds a Ph.D. in Theology from International Seminary and received training in scientific creationism at the Institute for Creation Research.


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